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Family Mentalisation Based Therapy (Family MBT)

ANBU supports survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the Tamil community. We would like to offer survivors with the opportunity to take part in family MBT sessions, with up to 3 family members (or individuals of their choice) alongside a MBT facilitator and Tamil translator (if required).

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What is family mentalisation based therapy?

Trauma from our childhood can leave invisible marks, impacting our sense of self and wellbeing.
Talking and thinking about emotional problems can be difficult, and on top of that language difficulties can
make it hard to communicate, prevent us from receiving the right support from friends and family.

Mentalization is our ability to make sense of our thoughts, beliefs, wishes and feelings and to link these to our
actions and behaviours. It is central to understanding, regulating, and communicating emotions.
Practicing mentalization can lead to a better connection between family members by fostering a shared
understanding of issues and a “meeting of the minds.”

MBT sessions can help to:

Consider the contribution of family members to issues

Promote awareness of mental state in both self and others

Use mentalizing to strengthen self-regulation

Help families shift out of unhealthy behavioural cycles to using mentalizing to foster secure attachments and trust

Promote parental sense of confidence in helping young people mentalize

Practice mentalization in communication and decision making

After the session:

This approach in a group setting may not be suitable for everyone, the assessment process will helpto identify if this is the right approach for you. Whilst mentalisation- based therapy is not a quick fix, we hope participants will leave with a better understanding of the impact of CSA , emotional wellbeing of family members, and ultimately create a supportive environment for survivors.

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