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Self Referral

ANBU UK's Therapeutic Practice team is a multi-disciplinary team made up of mental health professionals who abide by the BPS Code of Ethics
(see reference below).

We're pleased to be accepting referrals and self referrals for our Transitions & Wellbeing Project, find out more about the project here.



The eligibility criteria includes individuals identifying as survivors in the Tamil speaking community who are over the age of 18 and able to commit to 8 consecutive weeks of group therapy.
Our first set of group sessions closed on August 2019. We warmly welcome referrals from all genders as we plan another 8 weeks of group therapy soon (dates to be confirmed). We encourage individuals to register interest as soon as possible.

Some other information you may find helpful before filling out the referral form:

 All sessions will be facilitated by therapists or professional practitioners, registered to professional bodies and abide by their Code of Ethics too, including  BACP (counselling) and BAATN (art therapy).
Your safety and security is is our highest priority. 


We do ask for an 8 week commitment to fully go through the process of therapy. The sessions will range from 1.5 hours - 2 hours, depending on whether you have chosen art therapy, group therapy or yoga. 


You will also be asked to attend a pre-therapy session which will be held by ANBU UK before you begin your therapy journey. This is to help prepare for the 8 weeks ahead.

Next Steps

Once you have completed a Referral Form, you'll be sent an Information Sheet and invited to attend a Therapeutic Assessment meeting in April where we will explore your referral form and your interest in engaging in the therapy journey at this point in time. This is to make sure the this intervention is right for you and that we are preforming our duty of care responsibilities appropriately and also to understand how best we can support you through the 8 weeks. 


Once you have completed your Therapeutic Assessment meeting, we will confirm your place on one of the threes Group Therapy Pathways and you will be assigned someone from ANBU UK as Therapeutic Support. They will be your main point of contact if you have questions or need extra support from ANBU UK. As part of our commitment to your wellbeing, will also be offering Therapeutic Support upon completion of 8 week group therapy sessions, we will discuss more during the assessment meeting.

Privacy & Confidentiality

ANBU UK abide by GDPR and Data Protection Act (2018). We will be keeping all your information safe, only the Therapeutic Practice team and your group therapist will have access to your information. We do ask for your GP details and  Emergency Contact details, this is in line with out Duty of Care to you and in case you or someone else around you is at risk. Your therapist will, in most instances, discuss with you before contacting anyone.

We welcome any questions you may have, just e-mail us at:

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