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Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor service provides practical and emotional support for
survivors. This service aims to empower survivors of rape and sexual assault to make their own
informed decisions based on the options available to them. We provide advice and guidance where
needed and signpost to other services for specialised support. The process is driven by the individual
survivor’s wants and needs.

We can help victim-survivors to understand how the criminal justice process works, and explain
things such as what will happen if they report to the police. ISVAs are there to provide clients with
the information they need to make the right decision for them. They do not pressure clients into
reporting any offence to the police.

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Key ISVA responsibilities include:

providing practical and emotional support to the victim/survivor that has experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives;

helping the victim/survivor understand the potential impact of sexual violence and abuse on health and well being;

dispelling myths and stereotypes surrounding sexual violence to challenge feelings of shame and blame;

supporting family members where appropriate by helping them to understand the potential impact of sexual violence and signposting to available support services;

responding to any concerns that the victim/survivor may have regarding the investigation, specialist support services, impact on work, education and relationships.

To learn more about ISVA or to self refer contact us here

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