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Transitions and Wellbeing Project

Following the award of National Lottery Community Fund grant funding, ANBU UK are proud to launch our first survivor support package, called the Transitions and Wellbeing Project.

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'...every survivor is different, with different needs and ways of healing.' 

The project

This year, we have launced our very own ANBU UK survivor support package for survivors from Tamil speaking communities.


We’ve thought long and hard about how best to support survivors who are navigating and balancing the wonderfully complex cultures of our home in the West and our heritage with more Eastern influences. This had moved us to design support provisions that effectively reflects both cultures.

Group Art Therapy

Group art therapy is a supportive, warm and welcome space where clients can be creative together. It will be run by a qualified art therapist who will guide the sessions which will be 1hr 30mins for 8 weeks.


It's a place to explore trauma, emotions and wellbeing in a supportive and safe space using art. You don't need to be an artist! You are invited to creatively express yourself in any way that suits you

Group Yoga

Group yoga is a space to come together and practice the art of yoga. It will be led by a qualified yoga practitioner who will talk you through the different poses which will be 1hr 15mins for 8 weeks.


It aims to help explore your connection with your body and your mind in a safe and supportive space. Yoga is also used as a relaxation technique to help calm the mind through the body.

Group Talking Therapy

Group talking therapy is a space to explore your emotions, good and bad with clients who have had similar experiences. A qualified practitioner will guide your sessions which will be 1hr 30mins for 8 weeks.


Communication is key in group talking therapy where other clients will be expressing their experiences and responding to yours. Learning from each other in a supportive environment is another benefit of group talking therapy.

If you are a survivor or if you know someone who is a survivor and would like to register your interest please email us at 

If this is of interest to you and you would like to take the next step, see our self referral page.

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