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Online workshop with the Tamil Youth Organisation UK and Tamil Societies
October 2020

The ANBU UK team hosted an online training session to university students from Tamil societies all over the UK.

LGBTQI+ & The Tamil Community: A Conversation
July 2019
  • Exploring the Tamil and LGBTQI+ community

  • Exploring trauma within the LGBTQI+ space with our friends at Galop, LGBT+ Anti-violence charity, and hear from Survivors UK, Male rape and sexual abuse charity on their GroupWork scheme.

  • With personal reflections and an art installation too with Jamie Chi from QueerAsia.

ANBU UK  is a proudly diverse, inclusive team and ally of the LGBTQI+ community.

ANBU UK event to mark Pride celebrations and bring together the LGBTQI+ community.

Online workshop with the Tamil Youth Organisation UK and Tamil Societies
October 2020

The ANBU UK team hosted an online training session to university students from Tamil societies all over the UK.

IBC Tamil Interview
July 2019

Hear more from Nibarna, ANBU UK trustee and therapeutic practice lead and Gayathri, ANBU UK volunteer when they were interviewed by Rajitha from IBC Tamil for the Kalakuri show.

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4th - 10th February 2019

ANBU UK marked another sexual abuse and sexual violence week with live social media streaming of topics through ANBU  UK Explores series. Topics included: discussions on consent, LGBTQI+ perspective, Survivor and emotions, Expression post-trauma, Male perspectives and Abusive relationships. See more on our Facebook page

Ain't nothin' but a SHE thing

17th November 2018

ANBU UK hosts a day to explore concepts of traditionally defined tamil females within the context of trauma, violence and sexual abuse.

It will be an interactive day with survivor led conversations, interactive group exercises, creative expressions through poetry and performance, and an in- depth discussion on hidden oppression.

The event intends to provide a deepened understanding of specific issues faced by Tamil females, exploring intersectionality and the promotion of individual and community empowerment and development. 


29th May 2018

ANBU (Abuse Never Becomes Us) UK invites you to come and explore Tamil male identity in contemporary society, discussing:

  • Cultural and mainstream influences;

  • Trauma and its impact on identity;

  • Who we are: ANBU UK and Survivors UK.

The evening will be a mix of interactive questions, insights into personal experiences and exploration on what makes Tamil male identity, with diverse guests and friends of ANBU hosting.
Open to men and women of all backgrounds. 

ANBU UK supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the Tamil community.
SurvivorsUK helping sexually abused men as well as their friends and family, no matter when the abuse happened, and challenge the silence and attitudes.


5th February 2018

As part of sexual abuse and sexual violence week awareness, charities and individuals from diverse ethnicities were invited to take part in a panel discussion called 'Child Abuse is Not Colour Blind' held in the Houses of Parliament with the aim to have an open discussion on specific taboos in the ethnic communities in talking about childhood sexual abuse called.

The discussion was chaired by Chris Tuck from London Survivors Group & Mandy Sanghera, an award winning philanthropist, community consultant supporting victims and survivors of harmful practices such as Honour Killings, FGM, early child forced Marriages, Faith Based Abuse and recently spoke at The US House of Representatives as an international human rights activists.

The panel was made up of a representatives from the black, punjabi community and included Vanajah, ANBU UK lead and an additional representative from the Metropolitan police service. 

We later took part in the 'Light up the Night' March across Millennium bridge, marching in solidarity with other organisations, supports and survivors to mark sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week.


6th February 2018

ANBU UK held a special workshop with Tamil society students from Southampton University, a follow up to 'Open Conversations: Taboo of Sexual Abuse' held in November 2017. The workshop was split into three parts, firstly an exploration of self, then a look at the impact of childhood trauma can potentially have on sense of self and relationships. It then finished  with a discussion on what a heathy relationship could look like. It was a thoroughly interactive session with lively debate, we're looking forward to the next workshop! 

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